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“The examples through the slides and the exercises to work on really helped with understanding. Thank you - well presented and not dry at all!”

Ms Nibloe

Head of Finance

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GetSmart is a well-established firm in the UK providing finance professionals with bespoke training and consulting services to keep them up to date and equipped for the ever-changing financial reporting environment. We provide both public and bespoke in-house courses.

Our team consists of experienced Chartered Accountants (ACA or equivalent) who are subject matter experts in IFRS and UK GAAP (including adopting the new standards replacing UK GAAP, namely FRS 100,101,102,103). Contact us for more information on how your entity will be affected by first time adoption of the new UK accounting standards, and how we can help to ensure your conversion runs smoothly.

Our top priority is to ensure clients walk away from a course confident they have gained a proper understanding of the topics, equipped with practical skills and know-how to put the principles learnt, into practice.


Our public courses are provided throughout the year on a regular basis at our various locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Each course counts towards CPD (continuous professional development).

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Delivered locally at your offices, our bespoke in-house courses are designed individually to meet your finance team's specific needs and outcomes.


Our in-houses courses have proven to be most popular as they:

  • are a cost-effective way to train an entire finance team
  • create an interactive, warm atmosphere where team members are encouraged to share and discuss issues they might identify during the lectures - thereby adding maximum value to your team's skills and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Each in-house course is preceded by a consultation with the course presenter - providing an opportunity for the client to discuss their needs and explore the specific topics they wish to be covered.

Contact us for more information on our in-house packages.

FRS 102 / IFRS

We offer a variety of training and consulting services to prepare and assist clients with the daunting task of first time adoption of FRS 102 or IFRS. Please see our relevant courses to prepare you for first time adoption.